Open Ignition

open ignition seeks select opportunities to collaborate with organizations and visionaries facing big opportunities or serious challenges where our experience and skills can really make a difference.

How can we help your organization unlock hidden value?

Our people work with you to clearly understand the situation or opportunity in front of you by analyzing its origins, dynamics, possibilities and threats. We lay out strategic options for disrupting the status quo and deliver ideas that match your ambition.

Once a path is decided, we develop a comprehensive action plan for your approval. An interdisciplinary team is assigned to execute tactics using our process-driven approach for delivering against measurable objectives and providing accountability to your stakeholders.

Solve tough problems.

There is a way to make it work. Every puzzle can and will be solved, no matter your challenge or dream. Our culture incorporates all the hallmarks of effective problem solving: deep curiosity, collaborative exchange, patient persistence, and a matured sense of rebellious non-conformity.

Take smart risks.

Not all risks are equal. Intelligent risk taking enables leaders to maximize their upside potential when confronting challenges by doing the hard work of diagnosis, making the difficult choice to focus resources, and leveraging process-driven execution. What doesn’t work is not risking.

Adjust to feedback.

When plans meet reality, it’s common for gaps to emerge and opportunities to be uncovered. Our structured process allows teams to adapt and thrive in dynamic landscapes. We optimize results using iterative development methods and systemic feedback loops.

Live in the future.

Your ambition demands an essential balance of strategy, creativity and execution. Abandon incrementalism and mediocrity. Settle for nothing less than magic. When there’s little point left in doing the same old thing and you’re out to change your world, then get in touch.