Open Ignition

It’s dangerous to spend your capital on brochureware or to rely on digital sharecropping. One fails to engage, the other enriches someone else. The past decade has taught leading brands to understand the inherent value of investing time and creative energies into building assets your audience can actually use.

Open Ignition develops real-time web applications and content platforms that drive revenue.

You want to measure twice, cut once. Take advantage of our mature, battle-tested process for developing technology assets in a manner that mitigates project risks. Use a skilled team to gather requirements, architect modular systems, structure open APIs, practice information architecture, and document specifications for data security and regulatory compliance.

Our people have earned their stripes living and breathing open technologies. We love the web and speak in standards. Using iterative methodologies can optimize outcomes by giving projects the flexibility needed to adopt new ideas and valuable improvements discovered during bursts of phased exploration. Put our passion to work in helping you to navigate rocky shores and avoid proprietary lock-in.

More effective than brochureware.

The market is cluttered with agencies who still peddle brochureware websites, but the 1990s are over. Static, pretty websites no longer meet the minimum. The facts are in: people flock to destinations that help them get something done or allow them to meaningfully participate. Serve your audience with a engaging destination site, or someone else will eat your lunch..

More valuable than digital sharecropping.

Too many brand consultants demonstrate a lack of clarity on digital sharecropping. While social media can serve as valuable outreach nodes in a balanced marketing mix, your focus should be on building equity with properties you control. You have invested too much effort and time into your organization to waste money on promoting the rented space someone else monetizes. If you’re ready to control your destiny, get in touch with us.