Open Ignition

The inmates really are running the asylum. We’ve long heard about the rapid pace of change in technology, yet information is still accelerating at a faster rate. Organizations are getting flatter. Social tools have enabled consumers to control brands. And the smart money is dominating the landscape by adapting to this new normal.

Open Ignition facilitates adoption of shared response practices to achieve greater business performance.

Sweeping changes are disrupting whole markets and displacing entire governments. Now is the time to make meaningful changes to organizational culture, so you aren’t left behind while the world moves on. Our people understand the sea change impacting all organizations in every industry.

You’re not powerless in the face of change. Agile organizations adapt to market data with a shared response culture that aligns and leverages engaged employees to produce business results like nothing before. We help companies manage the complexity of cultural changes required to outperform competitors.

It’s about culture, not technology.

Form follows function. While venture capitalists may get caught up in the latest darling software startup, the truth is your organization depends on a shared response cultural transformation to move the needle on business performance and not on any particular technology platform. Social tools can help organize and distribute knowledge, but the fundamental task is one of leadership.

Boost business performance.

Put the wind in your sails. Market leaders and industry disruptors accept the new reality is a constant state of change. They key to success is understanding how to harness these powerful currents with responsive alignment across the enterprise that moves the needle on business objectives.