Open Ignition

Change is a given.

You could scratch and claw in desperation to keep the status quo, but you’ll only be left behind. Embracing change provides leaders with an opportunity for distinction in delivering new value to the market.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Because a hole in one is a rare event and capital investments don’t often come easy, it’s critical to do your homework upfront and stay nimble on your feet in uncharted territory. Experience has taught us the worth of research and process.

Disruption is worthwhile.

Once you understand you really can change the world, incremental goals are suddenly a lot less interesting. You can either benefit by leading change or risk everything being swept up in the changes that come. Our time is limited and windows of opportunity do not remain open forever.

Strategy is central.

Strategy requires three components: a thorough situational analysis to identify viable options and understand the inherent trade-offs, a decision on how to narrowly focus resources as a powerful lever, and the creation of an action plan which can be executed within existing capabilities.

Open is good.

Open brands tend to outperform companies who hide in the dark. Open source technologies tend to provide competitive advantages over inflexible, proprietary solutions. Open environments tend to breed cultures of innovation and achievement instead of a fear of failure. While there are exceptions to every rule, our experiences have helped us to understand that most of the time open wins.

Sharing is effective.

Humans love to share. Sharing with friends and family enriches our lives. In marketing, sharing builds trust and encourages advocates to spread your messages to qualified audiences. In operations, sharing allows organizations to foster internal alignment and dramatically increase responsiveness. Your market is already sharing and you can use that to better provide value.

Live at the intersection of optimism and skepticism.

Ambitious goals can absolutely be accomplished, even if the road isn’t always easy. The people who work here view change as the norm and believe in structured process to manage the creative chaos.