Open Ignition

Shotgun approaches are dead. For the first time in history of marketing, the audiences are now very clearly in control.

While some bewildered companies stare like deer in the headlights, savvy organizations are gladly adapting to the faster pace, richer data, and more diverse universe of venues.

Reach your audience where they want to engage.

Open Ignition produces scalable, data-driven marketing programs that inject intelligence into your marketing mix. We start by identifying how audience goals align with measurable business objectives. You can conserve resources with pilot engagements that prove the validity of each activity. We design outreach and conversion efforts that work, analyzing feedback data to optimize the cost-effectiveness of your spend over time.

Diversifying marketing efforts across more than one vehicle is generally recommended. Be mindful that keeping your existing customers may be as important as acquiring new ones. Our people have been around the block with decades of experience in executing campaigns both offline and online. We can help prioritize choices for deployment in phases to meet budgetary realities.

Right place, right time.

Give your audience what they need, when they need it. Organizations can realize greater returns on investments in marketing when they provide contextually relevant interaction at the point of need. We devise engagements that are responsive to the users’ situation and behavior.

Substance before scale.

Ego has a way convincing marketers they know all the answers, even when they don’t. To mitigate confirmation bias, we typically structure marketing efforts as smart microinvestments so we can determine what works before stomping on the gas pedal. Once a pilot program identifies success, we test additional factors to establish a known pattern we can scale to extended audiences across expanded venues.