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Hello, we’re Open Ignition, a kick-ass collective headquartered in Seattle. The more litigious-minded folks recommend sharing some legal notices with you, in case you’ve never been on the Internet before. Please pay close attention; there’ll be a test afterward.

Scope of this document.

This legal mumbo jumbo applies to all Open Ignition websites, services, and events offered by Open Ignition. Obviously, we’re not able to control the policies of other websites, applications, services, or facilities which we may use.

Copyright and copyleft.

By default, all content on Open Ignition websites and applications is available for redistribution under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License because we want to encourage everyone to take our content and share it with other people so long as you provide attribution linking back to the original source and/or our website.

If there are any exceptions to this general rule, the specific content will state otherwise whether it is protected by a different Creative Commons license, another copyleft alternative, or traditional copyright.

Trademarks are completely different. We put a lot of effort into brand identifiers, so the use of our marks without express written permission is prohibited. Obviously, fair use in journalism is excepted. If you want to request the use of our marks, please get in touch with your proposal.

Sharing and privacy.

Open Ignition values sharing openly and also respects reasonable expectations of privacy. Any public comments you make will be seen by other people. If you send us a private note, we won’t share it without your permission.

We encourage you to share content you create for use in comments, forums, galleries, or other interactive experiences which engage other human beings. Just don’t post anything secret.

We encourage you to share content you create for use in comments, forums, galleries, or other interactive experiences which engage other human beings. Just don’t post anything secret.

Always choose a unique, secure password. Don’t be lazy.

Be nice.

Play well with others and avoid personal attacks, discrimination, and other unnecessary behavior. We don’t tolerate asshattery at Open Ignition, so please behave like the rational adult we know you are. We do not have an obligation to monitor every action taken on our site and applications, but may remove any account or content at our sole discretion. If anyone feels the need to be a immature jerk, please do it some other place. If we have to report illegal activity, we’ll do it.

Information we collect.

Even if you never tell us who you are, we still use cookies and other tools to help us understand how people use our websites and applications. Once we have a large enough sample of anonymous data, we can use the information to create better user experiences.

If you register or sign up for anything, then we’ll start to get to know you. You may even tell us things like your email address, name, employer, profession, and more information about yourself that helps us get to know you better. We’ll keep that information on file so we don’t forget you. Most likely we’ll email you relevant content from time to time, but you’re always welcome to unsubscribe at any time.

If there’s any kind of transaction happening, you can expect we’ll keep track of that information for customer service and accounting purposes.

Third parties.

Sorry if you got excited, but that’s not the kind of party this section refers to. In some cases, we may use third party tools who process information on our behalf (like Google Analytics or social media widgets, for example) and each of those other organizations have their own rules about data they collect and how it’s used.

If you’re at all concerned, we recommend you consider using a solution like Ghostery to block those tools.

Things can go wrong.

You don’t really expect a warranty from a website, do you? Well, just to be clear, there isn’t one. Things can and will go wrong, from time to time. Hopefully not very often. The point is you shouldn’t be relying on our website or application for your personal safety.

You can use our website and applications at your own risk, provided you agree to indemnify and hold Open Ignition harmless.

No persons under 13.

If you are under age 13, please turn the computer off and go play outside. We don’t have much to offer you. Unless you’re the next Doogie Howser or something. If someone under 13 shares personal information, we’ll delete it as soon as we find out.

Got questions?

If you have any questions about this legal notice, please drop us a note to:

Open Ignition
117 E Louisa St #729
Seattle, WA 98102

Last modified: September 22, 2016