Open Ignition

We hire connected puzzle solvers, mavericks, and pirates who aren’t interested in working somewhere ordinary because you enjoy the opportunity to collaborate on projects of significance.

We thrive on opportunities to transform organizations and disrupt markets: stuff that matters. We are committed to exploring new things because making mistakes is much better than never trying.

Rewrite the rules.

If you’re happy solving problems, comfortable questioning assumptions, and proficient in developing relationships, then you may be a good fit here. Our people believe in each other.

Come help us build a better kind of company that focuses on strategic thinking, operates more like a starfish, and offers a meaningful stake in the outcome of the organization.

Bring an active interest in working with other self-starting high performers. Expect to cooperate with people different than you. We value the competitive advantage of diversity.

We take our obligation to help others seriously, both in contributing to online communities and performing good works for the needy in our local community.

Come where you're from.

Open Ignition is headquartered in Seattle and has remote team members in the US, Europe, and South America.

We'd love to hear from you at