Open Ignition

Awash in a flood of data, firms often struggle to make sense of it all. Charts, graphs, and tables, oh my! Most organizations find it challenging to turn data into actionable information, even when they understand the importance of doing so. It can be daunting to absorb, interpret, and analyze data in a manner that impacts business objectives.

Open Ignition delivers meaningful analysis for business intelligence you can act on.

It requires a love for pouring over data to find needles in a haystack as well as see the forest for the trees. Our people bring a passion for solving puzzles. We collect, organize, and sift through data to ferret out potential opportunities for you to take advantage of and present our insights in format designed for your team to easily determine what actions to take.

Apply our analytical capabilities to identify new markets, prioritize audiences, improve response rates, accelerate sales cycles, increase conversion rates, enhance user experiences, deepen customer loyalty, improve operations and production, empower employees, generate public relations opportunities, and create other competitive advantages.

Identify and address critical gaps.

You don’t know what you don’t know. The actionable business intelligence culled from Open Ignition’s process for deep-dive research and analysis gives you a more complete picture. Our analytical techniques help eliminate dangerous blind spots and allow you to address uncovered gaps impacting your organization.

Science, not random chance.

The discipline of analyzing critical data has repeatedly shown opportunities can be found in both the anomalies and patterns. You may already be sitting on a pile of gold. We have successfully helped organizations act on single-instance data pointing to unique opportunities as well as applied pattern recognition skills to map out entire funnels of opportunity. When you’re ready to stop relying on luck, please get in touch with us.