Open Ignition

A typical consumer is barraged with over 3,000 advertising messages on a daily basis. As products and services become more challenging to differentiate, market leaders cultivate strong brands to break through the clutter.

Your brand strategy is why your most valued audience will connect with you. It's how they come to know, like, and trust you. Having deeper relationships with more customers unlocks hidden value.

Achieve transformation and growth.

Appropriate investment in brand strategy impacts multiple business outcomes:

  • increased leads
  • greater conversions
  • compressed sales cycles
  • higher margins
  • lower attrition
  • marketshare growth
  • greater longevity
  • market reputation
  • talent retention
  • easier recruitment
  • partnership opportunities
  • business valuation

Define what you stand for.

Branding defines what you stand for, what promise you make, and what personality is presented to your market with every interaction.

The expression of your brand centers around:

  • core message
  • visual language
  • brand voice
  • identifying marks
  • customer interaction
  • market opinion

Message frequency is crucial; consistency is the key. Winners build credibility and memorability with steady, repeated reinforcement of the brand expression across all touchpoints along the customer journey.

Use a proven process to drive your business goals.

Our experienced consultants collaborate and iterate with you through each phase of brand strategy development.

Everything starts with an assessment of exactly where you stand with respect to the shared needs, experiences, and aspirations of your identified stakeholders.

Based on those findings and the market positioning of perceived competitors, several potential paths forward may appear and a clear decision must be made on which option presents the best opportunity.

The process concludes with development of a strategic plan that will guide the initial execution of tactics and provide for necessary evolution in subsequent years.