Open Ignition

The way to control chaos and structure change involves walking the balance between creativity and logic. We provide strategic ideas to match your ambition and back them up with a management process built to optimize results.

It’s fairly straight-forward, really.

We find out exactly what’s going on and assess the environment. Then we throw a bunch of ideas on the table and decide which route is most likely to succeed. A collaborative team is assembled to leap into action and all the activity is managed for you. Throughout the engagement, we measure and report on KPIs to ensure the effort is hitting targets and getting smarter.



Enthusiasm for solving the puzzle fuels our curious minds to explore all key sources of insight. We clarify internal information, talk directly with your audience, and evaluate competitors.

We share our findings with you in a printed report and in-person presentation, including valuable components such as audience profile definitions, competitive analysis, and success metric determination.



We delve into the inductive possibilities, threats, and outcome likelihoods specific to your situation. We get your input at regular intervals and seek outside evidence to support viable options.

Then, it’s time to decide on a focused course of action. We meet with you to review the best choices for maximizing available resources.

With your approval on strategy, we develop and deliver a phased action plan with complete scheduling and effort detail to fit your budgetary requirements.



An appropriate sized team with applicable skill sets is assigned to execute the action plan. Major milestones are developed with iterative methodologies for the most cost-effective results.

We manage the entire process for you. A project manager oversees progress to keep the trains running on time and within budget.

Yet you’re always kept in the loop. We set checkpoints for seeking approvals, sharing drafts, and reporting status on progress.



It’s critical that all efforts have mechanisms in place to measure and verify performance against key success metrics. We collect and visualize important data for you.

Even further, we provide analysis of available information on regular cycles to identify new opportunities and correct discovered gaps.

The practice of continuous improvement and optimization over time allows your investment to become smarter and more effective. It’s all part of our package.