Open Ignition

We help you risk intelligently.

Open Ignition is driven to create opportunities and solve problems. And the leash has been taken off, so nothing is held back.

We think and we do.

We explore everything to uncover options for action and determine a strategy forward. Action plans are executed by a collaborative team using a clear process to reduce exposure and assign accountability. Results are optimized over time with discerning analysis of feedback loops to maximize return on your investment.

We roll deep.

For the past couple decades, our experts have helped B2C and B2B clients facing significant challenges achieve ambitious goals across dozens of industries. Politicians, institutions, and non-profit organizations, too.

The experience of cross-pollinating ideas across a variety of challenges has given us insight into a broader world of solutions. We’ve found the best outcomes are caused by intelligent risk taking, not inertia.

Open Ignition matches ambition from Seattle. We pursue balance, not miracle cures. We employ both on-premise staff and virtual team members in appropriate configurations. We are committed to giving back to local and online communities.

We’re definitely pirates, not navy. Ready? Get in touch.