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When you’re stuck only with what you already know, it's time for outside experts to question everything. The actionable intelligence extracted from our deep-dive research process yields a vetted roadmap to transform your current reality.

Context-Relevant, Data-Informed

Creative Fusion

The blend art and science helps brands craft experiences that engage audiences, differentiate offerings, compress sales cycles, increase conversions, grow margins, streamline operations, lower acquisition costs, enhance client satisfaction, and reduce customer attrition.

The market is overcrowded with underwhelming experiences, and that gives you the opportunity to create a new breed of business that reshapes your industry.


Concepts are designed with iterative methodologies for the most flexibility to identify new possibilities, correct discovered gaps, and achieve cost-effective results.


Use our system of design thinking to tap into human psychology, apply data to problems, and find the right balance of logic and emotion to delight your audience.

Ongoing Tactical


We can help you align resources to pilot and grow scalable, data-driven marketing programs that reach your audience where they want to engage.

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photo: Cynthia Wenz

“ Our organization was really suffering and we realized we needed an outside partner. I’ve been very impressed with Open Ignition’s understanding of strategy, and their ability to collaborate with different personalities across different skill sets. I’m absolutely in love with their creative design abilities.”

Cynthia Wenz, CEO ˗ The Source For Women
photo: Danny Granados

“ Open Ignition has an impressive methodology for redeveloping our brand. It’s a complex undertaking and I feel secure in trusting them with something so significant to our ability to exist at all. They’re adept at listening to input, yet always quick to provide value in terms of thought-provoking suggestions and defining strategic options.”

Danny Granados, CFO ˗ Applied Diagnostics
photo: Marla Cooper

“ Open Ignition has helped us become more effective at communicating with our investors, physician clients, and their patients in a way that meets our special needs. I appreciate the marketing guidance they’ve provided and I can tell you without any hesitation, they know exactly what they’re doing.”

Marla Cooper, Board of Directors ˗ ICMD
photo: Ron Coben

“ Open Ignition has delivered creative services that have had a huge impact on our internal cohesiveness as an organization as well as effectively conveying our marketing messages to both the personal and business banking customer segments. The most valuable aspect is the way they’re able to see the big picture.”

Ron Coben, COO ˗ First Community Bank
photo: Eugene Gvozdenko

“ Open Ignition came to our rescue on short notice. The full rebranding of the organization has been incredibly well received by clients and prospects alike. It accomplished our goal of creating the perception of a premium position in the market which has made an impact on brand loyalty and the margins we command.”

Eugene Gvozdenko, Managing Director ˗ First Asset HR

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